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25 Jul 2008 In: 13 Strokes

busy; commonplace

25 Jul 2008 In: 16 Strokes

abrade; burnish; grind; mill; milling; strop; whet

25 Jul 2008 In: 5 Strokes

instruct; notify; show

25 Jul 2008 In: 9 Strokes

express good wishes; wish

25 Jul 2008 In: 11 Strokes

bank note; ticket

25 Jul 2008 In: 7 Strokes

illicit; personal; private; secret; selfish

25 Jul 2008 In: 7 Strokes

bald; bare; blunt

25 Jul 2008 In: 12 Strokes

rare; scarce; sparse; watery

25 Jul 2008 In: 12 Strokes

duty; geld; tax

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